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Sending Emails to a Bad Email Address is a Bad Idea

It may sound obvious that sending emails to a bad email address is a bad idea because, well… that’s “bad” appearing twice in one title.

Here are the reasons why it’s actually not only bad, but a waste of time that dulls what might otherwise be sharp marketing efforts.

Bad Addresses = A Waste of Minutes and Marketing Money

There really is no reason to be sending emails to inactive accounts or to people who no longer benefit from getting your company emails; doing so is simply a waste. It's a waste of an email and it's a waste of precious marketing dollars that can and should be spent elsewhere

There are currently 4 billion daily email users, which means a ton of opportunity to actually connect with the right ones. In order to do that, you need clean data you can depend on, in order to deliver content to users that actually want or need to receive your emails.

Bad Addresses Detracts from Your Brand’s Deliverability

You may think that sending emails to inactive users is harmless. After all, if no one is even seeing the email, then it shouldn’t matter. But it does.

Sending emails to inactive customers can actually negatively affect your deliverability.

If you continuously send emails that go unopened by recipients, Google and Yahoo will take notice and start diverting your emails to spam folders.

Spoiler alert: you do not want to live in a spam folder.

Emailing is a key component in communication with customers, which makes it more important than ever that you prioritize the integrity of your email list in order to avoid the junk folder.

There is no sense shouting into the void and that’s exactly what sending emails to bad email addresses amounts to.

The Wrong Recipient Might Retaliate

We all know how annoying it can be to receive an avalanche of emails that do not concern you whatsoever. Most of us will simply delete these; however, there are some folks who get fed up enough to flag your message as spam.

In this case, your emails will start flooding spam folders, rather than the inbox you intended.

Or, if someone has tried to unsubscribe from your email list and continues to receive unwanted messages, they may, in a moment of frustration, flag your emails as spam which can send all further emails, straight to junk mail.

Rather than risk being reported as spam, rid your contacts of all unwanted subscribers and make sure you never send to a bad email address again.

If you’re asking yourself, great -- how do I do this? -- we’re here to tell you that you probably can’t.

But we can and here’s how…

Clean Up Your Act for Better Client Communication

What if there was a way to know exactly when your client was due for an oil change, new lease or vehicle purchase?

If you knew when your clients needed sales or service from your dealership you could shoot them a quick email and move the needle forward.

By leveraging The Autominer’s solutions -- Sales Pro, Service Pro, Data Pro, and Market Pro --you benefit from access to the Golden Customer Record for every single customer.

A GCR makes it possible to:

  1. Know if a lease is about to expire

  2. Know if a car needs to be serviced

  3. Know if someone is at the point where they may be looking for a new car

Having accurate records empowers dealerships to provide the best possible services to their clients, and by providing better and more accurate service, you can make more pro

Swap Inactive Subscribers for a Golden Customer Record

Keeping track of active subscribers is easy with a company like The Autominer because we do all the hard work for you. Our job is to clean your database so all your client data is as accurate as it possibly can b

Book your demo to make sure you never send emails to a bad email address ever again!

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