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Is Sasquatch living in your CRM and DMS?

Go into any dealership CRM and DMS on the planet and you’ll find evidence of the elusive Sasquatch.

Not in the form of fuzzy images of a bipedal, hunched blur, or a plaster cast of a giant foot - you’ll find one of his many email addresses.





But how did Sasquatch’s email address appear on your prospect or client’s contact record?

This is a mystery that humankind has yet to solve.

Fortunately, The AutoMiner helps you identify where Sasquatch has infiltrated your first-party data and removes his footprint.

Feel confident that your email blasts won’t result in Sasquatch coming into your dealership and taking your cars on a joyride.

He’s a terrible driver.

If your dealership is looking to reduce the Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) associated with your omni-channel, first-party marketing strategy, reach out to The AutoMiner and let’s find your Sasquatches!

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