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How Auto Dealers Can (and Should!) Conquer Cohesive Marketing

If you’re a dealer, then yes, you certainly should. Sending the same message is not the same as sounding like a broken record or beating a dead horse. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Remember the Rule of 7?

According to Forbes, “This marketing “rule” is one of the oldest in the book. The Rule of 7 states that it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a prospect will decide to take action.”

Cohesive marketing makes it possible to distribute your message and check the box on the Rule of 7… and then some.

So what, exactly, is cohesive marketing?

A cohesive marketing strategy allows companies to promote their products and services under the umbrella of one main strategy. To achieve success using this approach, it's necessary to commit to consistency, work effectively as a team, and know how to leverage the power of bringing in additional resources.”

In other words, a cohesive marketing campaign is one that links different media platforms with a single strategy. Dealerships often think of this in terms of marketing tactics, but there is a big difference between marketing tactics and a marketing strategy.

Let’s take a closer look at why cohesive marketing across multiple platforms is so important and how the Autominer can help you manage your strategy for maximum success.

The Autominer can help you reach your audience "cohesively".

The Autominer strategizes and provides cohesive marketing campaigns to send one message across multiple types of platforms. We target your customer so they receive the same cohesive messaging that will bring them into your dealership.

We help create cohesive marketing strategies using the following channels:

  • Social Media

  • Video Integration

  • Custom Email

  • Conquest Email

  • Direct Mail

  • OTT TV Apps (coming soon!)

By incorporating our four solutions that include the marketing channels into your strategy, your messaging will be more impactful and reach a greater number of potential customers.


Stay in the driver’s seat with Autominer’s intuitive, 1-click Sales Pro platform which makes it possible for you to easily create and manage your dealership’s ads on six major marketing platforms -- Facebook included.


Ready to realize a 10X ROI and increase your retention by 50%? It’s easy with Service Pro, the Autominer’s solution to elevate your fixed-ops game and find instant opportunities within your service business, including recognition of your team’s rockstars.


It’s a simple formula: clean data + accurate information = increased sales. Our Data Pro tool established the Golden Customer Record for each one of your customers, ensuring the integrity of information like VIN numbers and customer contact details.


Meet our Targeted Social solution. Take our expert team and bleeding-edge targeting technology, to save money on your ad spend and skip agency fees altogether.

Bringing it All Together

Ultimately, creating a cohesive marketing strategy across multiple channels increases your chances of actually connecting and converting your ideal customer, which benefits your dealership’s bottomline.

Sounds simple enough; however when added to your already full plate of tasks required to run a successful dealership, this is usually the first one to fall off.

Remember, this is more than a marketing tactic; it’s a strategy that must be carefully developed and implemented with consistency in order to get results for your dealership.

Let the Autominer help you target smarter with our industry-leading, clean customer data platform with managed marketing services designed exclusively for dealers.

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