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Say Goodbye to Agency Fees with Targeted Social. 

With Targeted Social you are the marketing pro. Our easy-to-use, 1-click platform allows you to create and manage your own ads on 6 platforms including Facebook. Used vehicles, new vehicles, conquest campaigns all ready in minutes with the most accurate data available and no agency fees. The best part is our bleeding-edge targeting technology and expert team will be there to ensure your ad dollars never go to waste.
Meet the most comprehensive, all-in-one platform in automotive marketing.
Target customers like a pro in one simple click. 
Harness the Power of Your Data

OEMs We Service




Isolate the most likely to buy customers in your database and target them on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.

Your Audience

Create 1st party custom audiences for your dealership and use them in any marketing channel you see fit.  We DON’T hold your data hostage.

Save Time

Upload your own Social Media creative or have your AutoMiner team create you an OEM approved image in minutes.

A Marketer's Dream

Auto Groups with internal marketing groups excel on our Marketing Pro program.  Marketing teams can leverage custom audiences in The AutoMiner across all channels and get full match back reporting.  Track campaign success in real time by individual customer engagement and easily coordinate with your BDC for targeted follow ups.

Effective Campaigns

Leverage AutoMiner direct mail integration to hyper target customers in positive equity positions, high interest rate situations, or lease ending scenarios.  Our Buy Back program is like no other with 7 communication channels all working together for maximum results.


Target thousands of new customers with our Conquest Email program.  Find new customers not in your database and send them marketing emails and retargeting campaigns to maximize customer engagement.  Full match back reporting is standard and we do all the work.

Custom App

Engage customers with your own Dealer branded Loyalty app.  Think Starbucks but for auto shoppers who can be rewarded for the business they perform in your dealership.  Send instant push notifications to customers via your AutoMiner integration customer loyalty app.

We Love Vendors

We are vendor friendly and willing to work with any other vendors working hard in your business.  AutoMiner will integrate with your current marketing agency or providers and share insights to help you achieve your goals in all business centers.  

Custom Email Marketing

Personalize your next campaign with Custom Email Marketing. Build long-lasting relationships with buyers and prospects by utilizing our Custom Email Marketing add-on. HTML email templates are readily available or you can upload your own. 

Conquest Email

Harness the power of email marketing with Conquest Email.  Conquest Email targets custom audiences of in-market shoppers that have not done business with you yet, creates retargeting campaigns, and provides full match back reporting.

Direct Mail

Capture the attention of prospect buyers with Direct Mail. Direct Mail offers the ability to micro-target your customers that are most likely to buy. Alongside traditional dealer campaigns, sales and service campaigns are available as well.

Video Integration with Covideo Dealer Services

  Engage your audience through visual and entertaining videos with Co-Video Dealer Services Integration. Our seamless integration allows you to create videos inside the AutoMiner platform and deliver to your customers via text or email. Target custom audiences with a custom video message or send individual messages for a personal touch.
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