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Meet the most comprehensive, all-in-one platform in automotive marketing.
Target customers like a pro in one simple click. 
Harness the Power of Your Data

OEMs We Service

Empowered First Party Data

Who cares about cookies? The Autominer ensures your client information represents accuracy, offers pinpoint precision, and puts you in the driver’s seat of your data.

Cleanliness You Can Count On

Leverage a secure database that is consistently cleaned and confirmed for authenticity.

Dependable and Dynamic Data Distribution

The Autominer has more than 1200 ways to filter your dynamic data lists. Deliver your dealership’s clean data lists via secure password encryption to a variety of audiences, including marketing agencies, social media managers, and OTT and video providers.

Minimized Marketing Costs

Precise first party targeting = reduced marketing costs, thanks to improved match rates on look-alike audiences across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Access to Amazon’s Marketing

Missing out on enough first party targets to leverage your database directly within Amazon’s marketplace? The Autominer will grant you access from its 35% cleaner targets, letting you take aim directly in the Amazon DSP.

We Value Your Vendors

Consultants and inhouse agencies, we’re your friend! Leverage a fully clean database for all of your sales and marketing efforts, across every channel in your strategy.



Clean Data.
Accurate Information.
Increased Sales

The Autominer’s Data Pro tool gives you the pinpoint precision needed to establish the Golden Customer Record. Simply put: we ingest all your dealerships’ data and clean it every month for accuracy. The integrity of your dealership’s information is integral to your success; this includes VIN numbers, emails, phone numbers, and addresses. 
Once clean, it’s easy to set up automatic distribution of these verified pre-filtered lists to any available delivery method. 
Got a minute?​
Get a condensed crash course in clean data with a quick click on our video!
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